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🎉 Exciting News! 🎉Thrilled to share that Heroismo has stepped into a new chapter with the opening of our first Pop-up store in the heart of Luxembourg city! 🌟 After two incredible years of being 100% online, we're eager to...
Glute-Sculpt (Hidden Scrunch), the best innovation in terms of leggings 🔥🍑
🍑 What are Glute-sculpt leggings? Hidden scrunch leggings are innovative legwear designed to enhance your natural curves, but with a discreet touch that remains concealed from the observer's eye. While conventional scrunch leggings offer booty contouring, they often feature conspicuous fabric...
Sizing info & how to take good measurements
How to Take Your Measurements When taking your measurements, always use a cloth measuring tape*. For the most accurate results, have someone else measure you.  Also, make sure the tape measure is held snugly and firmly (not tightly) against your...
What is the difference between our leggings ?
Natia, Christelle, Chantal, ... You are a bit overwhelmed by all the details of our leggings and you still don't know which one to choose? To make your choice easier we wanted to make a summary of the advantages of...
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Spotlight on everyday heroes / Interview of a mum
Heroes do not all wear a cape. Christelle, a mum, wife and active woman, accepted to share her story with us. 
What type of leggings would suit you best?
We know perfectly well that choosing the ideal leggings is sometimes like hell. Indeed, between the development of a multitude of brands on the market, the different features of each and the fact that you do not want to buy...
What we stand for
Values of a brand are like walls for a house. At Heroismo, our values are strong and guide our selection of products.