What is the difference between our leggings ?

What is the difference between our leggings ?

Natia, Christelle, Chantal, ... You are a bit overwhelmed by all the details of our leggings and you still don't know which one to choose?
To make your choice easier we wanted to make a summary of the advantages of each one.

The Christelle leggings:

Your go-to-leggings for your daily errands, the workouts with less impact (rowing, biking, horse riding, yoga...) or gymnastic and calestenics workouts. In our buttery material, it has a nice 7/8 length that elongates the legs. The Christelle has a high waistband that prevents from rolling down. It is also very elastic and can adapt to all shapes. The Christelle is so elastic that it can accompany you in all your movements including the most extravagant yoga poses. There is a small pocket hidden in the waistband to carry your locker keys with you.



The Natia Leggings

The most flattering seamless leggings you’ll ever wear, called Natia. Sculpting and comfortable with no seam on the front which prevents the « Camel toe » effect, you won’t be feeling restrictive ever again in your daily movements.

Light-weight and high-waisted with a smoothing effect due to the « buttery » material (75% Nylon - 25% Spandex ) you already understood, you’ll never want to take them off again. Slightly longuer than the Chantal & Christelle, he will suit perfectly both taller and shorter people. There is a slight booty countour for an enhanced push-up effect. His hybrid active and athleisure styles will take you beyond the gym.



The « only and one » Chantal leggings 

Stylish and high-compressive activewear for a super supportive, sculpted fit. The Chantal leggings is your best ally for more intense workouts. Super soft and high-waisted, this pair of leggings will hug your skin perfectly, and stay in place during your toughest movements during your day. The shapewear fabric defines and slims without restricting movement.

The lazered cut and the compression feeling are two major and successful criteria for the Chantal leggings. Besides, you can carry your phone or keys easily in the back-pocket. 

This one, is clearly a must-have in your wardrobe. 

It’s composition and fabrics are really different than the others with 69% Nylon and 31% spandex.