What type of leggings would suit you best?

What type of leggings would suit you best?

We know perfectly well that choosing the ideal leggings is sometimes like hell. Indeed, between the development of a multitude of brands on the market, the different features of each and the fact that you do not want to buy a legging for every type of sport you practice, finding THE pearl, the legging that fits you best, can be difficult.

We thought it would be useful to have a guide, and it is in this context that Heroismo reveals the secret behind its choice of cuts and materials!

First of all it is essential to determine your needs:

  • Do you need a legging that allows you a full range of motion? 

If you practice a sport like yoga, leggings with a very light compression is recommended. Indeed, very elastic materials that allow you the most extravagant contortions will probably be necessary. Hello downward dog! 

Leggings that stay in place and maintain you is probably a high waist legging. Apart from the comfort and shaping aspect of the silhouette, a wide band on the hips allows the leggings to stay in place. We have all experienced those embarrassing situations where we keep pulling up our leggings during training. Impact training including running, jumping rope or box jumps are typical examples of situations where high waist leggings are preferred.

  • Do you need leggings that can take you into the cooler temperatures? 

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it's not just your hands and neck that need to be protected from the cold, your ankles do too. A full size legging allows you to keep this delicate part of your body cool by providing optimal coverage during your workout or even winter walks in the open air. In addition, the shocks and friction on the ankle will be reduced in many sports: riders will protect their ankles from friction of their boots, but also skiers, their roller-skaters ...

The 7/8 leggings, them, by discovering your ankle, will have an elongating effect on your legs. They will be particularly suitable for the smallest by avoiding the depot of too much fabric on their ankles.

  • Do you need compression leggings

If you're an endurance, strength, or plyometric athlete, you need leggings that support and compress. 

There's nothing like the feeling of running in second-skin leggings and feeling confident because of the support and compression.  

The sportswomen of strength as the fans of weightlifting or bodybuilding also prefer this type of leggings. Indeed the rise of a squat is easier when the ischios, quads and glutes are compressed. The compression provided by the leggings strongly activates the blood circulation during the effort.

The sheathing and shaping effects are added to the list of their advantages. Do hard sports and look good while doing it!.

  • Do you need seamless leggings?

The ultimate in comfort is achieved through seamless. When you run, the friction of the seams on your skin can be uncomfortable and irritating over time. Seamless leggings will prevent this. 

Seamed leggings on the other hand will have a booty contour effect that seamless leggings may not have, framing the backside and giving it a juicy peach shape.

Either way, you'll need a quality legging.

At Heroismo, all of our leggings are handpicked and meet certain standards. 

  • Sheathing material
  • Squat proof
  • Suitable for different sizes
  • High waist
  • Soft and pleasant material 
  • With or without seams
  • A choice of trendy colors 
  • Very elastic material 
  • From the least compressive (Mailys shorts) to the most compressive (Chantal leggings)

With our selection, we will be able to meet your different needs. Because each woman is unique and we have at heart to adapt to your most specific expectations.