What we stand for

What we stand for

Our values :

Movement: whatever it is, we want to facilitate and sublimate your movement. Our mission is that our clothes allow you to progress, to surpass yourself or simply to move as well as possible and with comfort.

Inclusion: for all body types, all generations, all skin tones. Our brand wants you to feel confident in your daily activities. Our cuts are designed to flatter your shape, and give you the necessary boost of confidence. Our leggings are squat-proof, they combine comfort and style, our bras support your breasts while having details worked and our tops are declined in panel of many cuts and lengths selected carefully to be able to propose to each one its future fetish clothing. To sum up, our products are trendy and perfectly adapted to all situations of your daily life.

Community: because a heroine never acts alone, Heroismo knows the importance of each one's entourage. The brand wishes to highlight the values of mutual aid and community, notably through the medium of sport in all its forms, an inexhaustible source of social bonding. The Heroismo community? Women and men from all over the world, united by the same desire to move and feel confident.

Style: the cherry on the cake. At Heroismo, we believe that it is possible to have it all and that combining comfort and style is a prerequisite for every woman and man to feel good in our clothes. The cuts of our products are inspired by current trends, while being practical in everyday life. The colors of our clothes have been selected without mercy to match the freshness of the Heroismo palette: pastels, beautiful whites and blacks. So that everyone can find something to suit them.