Spotlight on everyday heroes / Interview of a mum

Spotlight on everyday heroes / Interview of a mum

Spotlight on everyday heroes : the core of our values 

“We are all ordinary. We are all boring. We are all spectacular. We are all shy. We are all bold. We are all heroes. We are all helpless. It just depends on the day.” 

Brad Meltzer

Each one of us have seen at least one superhero movie in their life. 

And now when we think about heroes, we picture iron abs, outside-of-this-world powers and a silky cape that can make you fly faster than a Boeing, meaning heroism could not be even touched by common people. Heroes are mostly very attractive men that rescue damsels in distress from evil and run through fire to save an endangered family while finding the time to take a little night fly between Manhattan buildings, and not having to fix their hair.


But what if we were not satisfied with that affirmation?

What if we wanted to see heroes in real life, and not let that dream live in movie theatres ?

And even more, what if we were, ourselves, unwitting heroes ?

You are special !

If you ask the dictionary, a hero is “somebody who is admired for a special quality or skill they have”.

Then think really hard, really deep, about that special quality or skill that you have and that makes you special.

Think harder.

“You can do it”.

You believed in “Santa Claus” for several years, you can believe in yourself for a few seconds.

There you go. That special quality or skill can be cooking a special cheesecake that everyone asks you the recipe when you bring it over; redecorating your apartment in a quirky and colorful way; making people feel calm when you talk to them; giving really good life advices; negotiating like a pro; making all of your groceries fit in the fridge when it was hopeless (Tetris style); being able to talk to all kind of people and making them feel comfortable…

We are all heroes of our own lives in a way that we all have a special quality or skill that differentiate us from other people and make us paramount as well as essential to the good functioning of this world.

You are doing better than you think !

Everyone fights their own battle in their daily life, some more complicated than others, but it doesn’t mean that they are less relevant.

In a world where we are one click away from an infinite database of perfect pictures of flawless bodies, faces and what-appears-to-be dreamy lives, it is easy to forget that everyone is human and has its own insecurities. We also tend to be harsh on ourselves and think we are not doing as well as others.

Breaking news : comparison is the thief of joy.

The battles we face, the fights we fight, and our attitude towards them are what make us heroes of our own story. Today, let’s start being kind to ourselves, just like you would be kind to your best friend. After all, you are the person you spend the most of your time with ;). 

At Heroismo, we value every woman and acknowledge the battles they fight. We chose to ask a few questions to Christelle, a true everyday hero who jungles between her family life, recently shaken up by the birth of her daughter, Eloise, her job as a dentist and her wish to stay in shape.


  • Can you please introduce yourself in a few words?

I am Christelle, I’m 33. I work as a dentist and I am mom of Eloise, who is almost 1 year-old. (certainly a bit older when you are reading this article)


  • What are the three qualities that make you a Heroismo hero ? 

I am ambitious, committed and hyperactive.


  • Recently, your world has been shaken up by the birth of your daughter. How has it changed your priorities ? What do you do differently?

When you give birth, everything changes… How you organize your days, how you manage your time… Being naturally very independent, I had to accept the fact that I had less time for myself, in order to make more time for my daughter. I was very athletic before I became a mom. However, since Eloise’s birth, I have been struggling to manage my dental practice, my life as a mom and my leisure time. But I am working on it !


  • How did you live this change? 

Pretty good! I love being a mom and my daughter is my world. Sure, I miss the carefree attitude sometimes, but I wouldn't change my life for anything.

  • What is the battle you faced that made you the proudest ? 

Having managed the opening of my dentist’s office after a professional setback and my pregnancy in the middle of a Covid crisis. 

  • How do you see sport currently? 

I miss sports ! I would love to find my rhythm back in order to be physically and mentally beaming, while managing the rest. 

  • What is the piece of advice you would give to a mom that is struggling to get back into sports? 

Unfortunately, I struggle in that area too. However I can say that sport is a very effective remedy and is really important to find a balance in your daily life. 

The best piece of advice I could give is to not put so much pressure on you and your body! Accept to start from scratch without thinking you have failed. Your body has given a lot during pregnancy and you have to give it time to reboot without rushing it. 

  • Do you recognize yourself in Heroismo’s values? 

I like the fresh feeling of the brand and its positive attitude. It feels good ! Give me all the pastel, soft and girly colors.

Whatismore, being on the curvy side, especially since my pregnancy, I like the idea of having fitness clothes that are comfy, suited for my body type without having any insecurities. 

Let’s share

Drop a lil’ comment below. Tell us what is the quality or skill that you prefer about you. Tell us about something you did that made you proud.