Sustainability is calling ☎️

Sustainability is calling ☎️

We spend so much time decorating our homes. 

Don't know about you but each of the Heroismo team members can spend approximatively 163 hours browsing at the almost-same couch on different websites just to make sure they choose the one that will go the best with the handles of their TV stand. 

It's time to act the same for the Earth. :)

Over the last few decades, it became more and more obvious than our ultimate home was not eternal. 

As a clothes company, we know that we can easily be put in the "Earth-destroyer" bucket. We all have in mind the thousands tonnes of waste products polluting the oceans every year. 

However, we have decided that instead of confirming the cliché, we would stand as a sustainable brand, not only for our planet but also for living beings in general.

Why ?

Simply because we are convinced that, in 2022, it is the only way for a brand to exist right now and in the future. We don't want to be a temporary adventure; we want to dress you, your kids and your kids' kids. 

Oh, and also because we love humans. And animals (sometimes even more). And when you love someone you do everything to protect them. 

Enough chit-chat, we wanted to share with you our vision our sustainability and what we do to make this vision come to life. For a long time. 

  • Heroismo's take on sustainability

Sustainable development means "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs," according to the Brundtland Commission.

We believe being a sustainable brand is not just about planting a tree when we sell a pair of legging. Instead of adding, we want to take the smallest possible. 

Quality over quantity

That is why we firmly believe that the biggest sustainable impact that could possibly be done is quality. We all know that we have to produce in order to survive - let's make that production so worthy that we only have to produce a few. All of our items are respecting the highest quality standards and using the best fabrics so that they last you longer than your average pair of leggings, sports bras or T-shirts. You will not feel the need to buy another outfit every other day. 


Our designs are also thought and selected following a common vision. Among the team, we regularly use moodboards in order to inspire us and choose colors that goes well together. When you buy a Heroismo piece, you can be sure it goes perfectly with your others Heroismo clothes. You bought a Diana bra in Light Lilac in January ? You can be sure that you can wear it with the Aurora Pink Natia Leggings you are eyeing. You don't have to buy a full outfit at every order to make sure you will wear your Heroismo clothes. We want our collections to be stylish but timeless. 

Let's now take a long at our concrete actions and improvements made in order to be a little more sustainable, each day. 

  • Our sustainable life 

A local brand

When buying Heroismo, you are not fueling up another multinational million-dollar clothes brand. Our team? 2 persons. That's all. Maybe it will grow - we certainly hope so. But each of the team members are aware and informed on the need to be sustainable in order to last. We are also based in Luxembourg and make sure to take part in the local life. 

Our warehouses 

In all transparency, we partner with two warehouses : one for our womens collection, one for our mens collection. Both of them are located in Guangdong, China and are regularly audited by Intertek in order to respect the highest work conditions and quality standards.

Regarding both suppliers, each product is inspected so that it respects the necessary quality levels ; we are also careful to talk to the warehouse's team on an almost daily basis and to read the audit reports. 

Our shipping 

The shipping of the items is done from the warehouse to Luxembourg in one trip only. We then ship to our customers from Luxembourg in order to avoid useless and harmful shipping.

Our packaging 

We recently switched to reusable and recyclable packaging so that your Heroismo order will arrive in a sustainable bag.