About Us

Heroismo is a fitness and leisure clothing brand.

The brand was created by 2 persons in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, with the desire to develop an inclusive sport and fitness brand for all the heroines, the heroes of everyday life: the fitness enthusiasts, the moms or the women/men around us who inspire us by their actions. Heroismo is dedicated to every woman and man without distinction.

The brand aims to be comfortable and movement-friendly, with pastel color palettes and flattering cuts.

Heroismo was originally a project of a family member of one of the designers, which unfortunately never saw the light of day. In this desire for continuity, the brand took back the name that fit perfectly with its identity.
Heroismo wants to be an inclusive brand, with models adapted to all morphologies, cuts that follow all movements and soft and pleasant materials like a second skin that do not mark and bring you the comfort necessary to practice various activities.

The Heroismo selection has been carefully thought out at every level, so that everyday women and men can focus on the essential: be their own heroes.